Play WaterColor.onthewings here

Screenshot 1: Stage 1 Basic Planting. The plant is in 3D which you may control the view by dragging.

Water Color is a game that challenge your sense of colors while educating you some simple theories of color.

Your goal is generally to plant a tree to a specific color. To achieve the goal, you need to add colored water to the plant from time to time.

There are two available game modes, Random and Stage (total 9 stages). Starters are recommended to play with Stage mode first since it will teach you how to let the plants grow and what is the variables of coloring the plants.

It is actually the final assignment of the course Game I, studied for Bachelor of Science in Creative Media. Most of my classmates made card game/board game etc and I am the only one made a computer game. This is because I consider this is a great experience to practice my Flex programming skills and to put what I have learn to real practice.